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Welcome in the World of Tenebris.

We are Czech and Slovak modders working on Gothic 2 modification Tenebris, which consists several other our own mods, namely Aeter, Thanatos, Infernum, Borders and Resulah.

You can find us on our forum.


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Thank you for playing our mod Tenebris. We hope that you enjoyed it.
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Darkenius | 19.02.2023 10:29:12
The website is back!
After a very long time we managed to wake up our website from long sleep. Don't worry, the water flows again and it shows with our activity. In January this year, we decided to release our mod Tenebris in beta status to appreciate the long wait. Mod is yet unfinished and there is still a lot to do. We hope that you will have fun and enjoy it as much as you can.
Darkenius | 08.02.2023 17:54:01
The website was launched
After a long time we launched this site where you can find all the information about the work of our group TDMMT.
Dyrian | 12.07.2015 20:05:27
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