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Thanatos - About

Thanatos, how does it sound? The name echoes in the ears, emerging from long forgotten times. The dark sinister world covered in night, overgrown with high old trees, which boughs are similar to the crooked limbs of old people. A traveler, who might be on his pilgrimage, is passing around.

STORY 1: You came into this world looking for your past and a calmness of your soul. You have traveled for years, blundering through Aclavia's hills and dales, when now you enter a very different kind of world, a world of quiet death. Here, near the Borders, everything seems strange and weird, people hostile, country dark and mysterious. But there is not only your past and your dreams what bother you, but it seems there is something hidden in the woods. People are afraid of something, and that isn't only the creatures of the North, which pass the Borders from time to time; it is something much more dangerous; they don't wanna tell you much; there are just hints in their speech what makes you think you should be worried about the mystery.

STORY 2: Moreover along the journey through the world you have seen weird ornaments of a two-headed dragon pointing somewhere far into the past. You don't know what they are about, but you find out here in the northern lands there can be some clues to this puzzle. You are aware you are so close to the Borders. The country of Selavia attracts you somehow, as if there is a connection between you and the god-forsaken world. People say there are probably some passages through the rocks coming cross the Borders.

WORLD: Gloomy dreary country, you should be very prudent, mad or brave to enter the woods. Not a city park, but a real wilderness. High cliffs, ragged rocks, murky corners. Better stay by the fire with a group of people, desperate like you, than to be alone, blundering among the trees. The solitary people will not live long. You should look after every movement, after every sound. The forests are dense and deadly; you never know what is behind you.

LOCATION: The country is situated into the lonesome northern corner of the kingdom called Aclavia, just at the Borders with Selavia. You may read about these two lands in my books of Thanatos saga and Cry in the Rain or The King Death Trilogy. See the links below. The Borders are very dangerous place, avoided by all reasonably people. And also legends have it there are lot of treasures hidden in the mountains left by the people, who weren't fast enough to fl

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