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Resulah - About

The desert. Someone could see only an emptyness covered by extremely hot sand with no water. But there is much more. Every single grain of sand hides an story behind. All the oasis and rivers could reveal the secrets of ancient cultures living by their side.

Since a very young age I've been fascinated by deserts and people living their culture on their silent lands. To connect it with my adolescent dream of creating a game, as for my graduation work I decided to create an visual concept of my computer game named "Resulah". Story of the game takes a place in imaginative desert peninsula, in times of late middle ages, mostly inspired by Middle East and Egypt.

You start as a slave which fate was to be sold on the grand marketplace of Arlmal, the capital city of Resulah desert. But your convoy was ambushed by a huge group of desert bandits and nobody survived, except you, becouse you were smart enough to act like a dead man within all the corpses. After this mess, you'll start your adventure. Nobody knows that you should've been sold as a slave, so you start your inclusion to the society while fulfilling the miscellaneous tasks from differnt people and you begin to explore and experience the world of Resulah.

In a recent times, desert nomads led by Ashu Al-Sharri came to power in a very cruel way - murdering previous monarch family and occupying strategical places. He has begun ginormous excavations around ancient temples and tombs. No one knows why and what is he and his companions doing in those places.

On the other side, there is Ashu's brother Omar Al-Sharri which is seeking for answers and tries to stop his activities. Ashu with his violent acts dares the wrath of gods and awakens ancient curses that are affecting innocent people.

In this game, you have the right to choose. You can either help the bad guy to victory or find the way of stopping him.

Richie | 08.02.2023 19:16:30
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