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The Dark Mages Mod Team was founded in 2012 by Aeternitas upon dust and glory of the The Dark Mages guild of mostly no-modders people, as the first and most important group of The Dark Forests site. During the time its members learned and developed their skills and became probably the only modders of the Czech and Slovak Gothic community. Our team with its international background can easily compete with other modding teams in the world.

The modding job is no-paid hard-working thing for people who like to create new worlds, who are opened to new possibilities and new dimensions. Sometimes it is a deep abyss of no-returning, because if you start to be involved, to love this way of action, if you start to feel the freedom of creation, you can't do other but to follow your passion and plunge deeper and deeper into the modding carrier, and the best of it are the results. Working, living games, independent of the basic game, functioning almost real world.

Our team found this passion and is under a good way of creating new modifications. Our current project is called Tenebris and it is a huge collection of ours modifications, all of them complete stand-alone worlds.

Tenebris is very profound project, with lot of high-tech developments, with extremely large worlds, which we describe on the project site. It is probably one of the toughest mods ever created.

Aeternitas | 08.02.2023 17:18:15
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