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Aeter - About

Aeter is the starting world of Tenebris project. You arrived with your mage companions, traders, captain and pirates with their ship to the unknown island in Selavia kingdom. Everything is haunted here. Lost ruins, haunted caves, unknown habitants, dangerous beasts, even unknown village around volcano. The whole island is danger itself, you can easily fall down from high slopes. Captain wants you to find stolen supplies from the ship and kill the thieves which were on the ship and escaped after you arrived.

There is a guy on the ship called Hilbert and he will be your tutor on how to play Tenebris. He can teleport you to the chosen world at will but beware, once you enter new world, you will start from zero and you will have empty inventory. There is also Atmus, a mysterious knight who will teach you a couple of lessons.

Darkenius | 08.02.2023 19:25:43
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